Green Coal Solutions, LLC has the inherent capability to manufacture mineral fiber products to our customers’ unique specifications.  Our fiber products have been proven to be non-cancerous and non-toxic.   Our facilities produce nine base mineral fiber products that are used as the major raw material for a broad spectrum of industries.  Mineral fiber pulp products include the following:


  • Paper & paper products pulp (three different pulp grades)
  • Friction material pulp (brake shoes/pads brake linings and other friction products)
  • Construction material pulp (insulation/thermal insulation, concrete additives, construction piping, acoustics)
  • Clothing/textile pulp (fibers including special military clothing and emergency & first-responder apparel)
  • Household and personal products
  • Space applications
  • Plastics & bottling pulp
  • Carbon fiber pulp (automotive, weapons, marine equipment, aerospace, aviation)
  • Benefits & Features
  • Product manufacturing process does not have any toxic emissions or discharges
  • The technology removes harmful coal ash from the environment
  • The technology will help conserve trees
  • The technology will help improve the image of coal/coal ash

Unique Value Proposition

  • Product can be manufactured in a flammable or flame retardant versions
  • Product is completely safe for humans and the environment
  • The manufacturing process for the product is much more Eco-friendly than the mineral fiber that is created from trees



Ashes arise multiple eco-friendly products used in our day to day lives.