It's hard to imagine anything more essential to a better life than clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.  Green Coal Solutions’ revolutionary and environmentally friendly pulp technology uses coal ash from landfill and/or ash pond inventories thereby, allowing reclamation of millions of acres of real estate assets by utility companies as well as mitigating public and/or regulatory liabilities for various industries. Green Coal Solutions’ coal ash mineral fiber technology provides the commercial market and defense industries with mineral fiber products for nearly unlimited applications.


The technology additionally limits the need for tree/wood base pulp thereby, greatly reducing the ecological and environmental challenges of deforestation and wood pulping.  Furthermore, Green Coal Solutions’ manufactured pulp can completely replace asbestos, a banned substance across most of the developed world.  With each proposed Green Coal Solutions production line having the capability to process up to 7.2 million tons of coal ash each year, substantial progress can finally be achieved in the global effort to remove the environmental risks posed by coal ash.


 At Green Coal Solutions, we continually strive to protect the environment and remain good stewards of our natural resources and environment. We have made substantial investments in support of environmental protection efforts and our team members share both a commitment to and accountability for our environmental performance. Our corporate focus on continuous improvement helps us to minimize the environmental foot print of our operations in every aspect.